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About us

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utan is proud to be the industry leader in tanning innovation, formulated using unique, health focused ingredients.

Our mission is to help people spend less time in the sun for a better tan. We constantly innovate easy-to-use, time saving solutions so you can get glowing from the inside out. We are the only tanning brand in the world to combine tanning with health benefits, perfect for busy life in the modern world. Proud to be PETA vegan & cruelty free approved and the creators of the world's first and only Tanning Gummies. 

When it comes to giving streak-free, long lasting results, with no icky self-tan smell- that's down to our signature top grade 100% natural DHA. We don’t use any additional packaging to be kind on the environment and, so you're not paying extra for things that aren’t needed. You can find us on the top shelf in most UK Superdrug stores with more worldwide retailers to follow. 🛒

We created these formulas to help woman look and feel their best tanned self, in the fastest possible time. Now men love our products too. Our formulas have been created with passion by a pale Scottish woman and some of the best chemists in the beauty sphere. I set out to make the best tanning innovations I would use myself, with the most unique high-preforming ingredients like organically grown plant extracts so you feel clean when the formulas are on your skin. If you need any tips or advice please contact us, we would love to hear from you."


CEO, utan