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Your gummies are amazing I never catch a tan and as I am going on holidays in a week I’d thought i’d give them a go… the results are amazing.

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Hi! Welcome to a tanning community shaped around u.

Thanks for landing here to take the time to get to know us better! Our mission is to help u spend less time in the sun for a better tan and ensure that our formulas are nothing short of total perfection. Whether it’s a deep dark tan (turbo tan), a light mist of our multi-award winning tanning water or the world’s first edible tanning gummies for a deeper, darker, longer lasting real tan with much less sun exposure- we have u covered.

utan is the industry leader in cutting edge tanning innovation and outstanding ingredients u won’t find anywhere else with our intellectual property protection.

We pride ourselves on ensuring we can offer u the lowest price possible without effecting quality, so that u have access to the most luxury and advanced formulas. We don’t use extra packaging to help the environment and, so ur not paying extra for things that aren’t needed- we’re extra enough without it! If u don’t already agree it’s time break up with ur old tan💔, ujust need to join thousands of happy customers or the the most ‘in-the-know’ beauty influencers and give utan a try😍. Want to see more of us up close? You can find us on the top shelf in most Superdrug stores from 11th of March 2019, with more major retailers to follow. 🛒

“Sometimes I forget the power of self-tan, then I spend a few minutes applying utan and genuinely believe I won’t ever forget again. Everything available here is designed to help woman look and feel their best. I grew up in a business orientated family where I was encouraged to work hard and find ways to make things happen. Now utan has grown into a team of passionate creatives, who work day and night to ensure we bring u the best tanning innovations in the world into our community- our tan is not made in boardroom with suits crunching numbers! Our customer feedback has been nothing short of amazing and I would like to thank u all for loving the products we have created. Hearing customers saying that utan has helped with their confidence is the best feeling in the world.”

Rebecca Mone-

CEO, utan

Want help from our community?✨ If a tanning problem exists someone has experienced the same thing- our community are so friendly. Also get back-stage access to behind the scenes footage of our biggest collab and upcoming events.

💜 Join our facebook group. Don’t miss out. 💜