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Your gummies are amazing I never catch a tan and as I am going on holidays in a week I’d thought i’d give them a go… the results are amazing.

Buy one get one 50% off and qualify for free UK express shipping! Buy one get one 50% off and qualify for free UK express shipping!
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Find the answers to some of our most commonly asked questions below

Where do u deliver?

We deliver internationally! All orders placed before 11AM will be shipped within 1 working day.

UK Spend over £27 to qualify for FREE Express Tracked Shipping (2-3 days)

UK Express Tracked Shipping £3.99 under £27 spent (2-3 days)

UK Spend over £27 and upgrade Free Express Shipping to Next day shipping (PRE 11AM) for £2.99

UK Spend under £27 for Next Day Tracked Shipping £5.99.

EU Express Tracked Shipping £7.99 (3-7 days)

EU Spend over £27 to qualify for half price Express Tracked Shipping £3.99 (4-8 days)

AUSRALIA, UA, NZ Express Tracked Shipping £13.99 (4-8 days)

AUSRALIA, UA, NZ Spend over £27 to qualify for half price Express Tracked Shipping £6.99 (4-8 working days)

USA/ Zone 1 Express Tracked Shipping £13.99 (4-8 days)

USA/Zone 1 Spend over £27 to qualify for half price Express Tracked Shipping £6.99 (4-8 days)

utan is based in London, UK. We pass on less than the cost of shipping/packaging onto our customers, to help make our products as accessible as possible.

Can I amend an order once placed?

Unfortunately, once an order has been placed we can not amend- please check ur order carefully before submitting.

Are utan products tested on animals?

Neither products are tested on animals and we’re proud to say they are both 100% Vegan friendly! 100% natural ingredients, no parabens and manufactured with love in the UK!

Will utan clog pores and cause breakouts?

When it comes to the face all skin types and sensitivities react differently to self-tan. It’s always recommended to check u are not allergic to any of the listed ingredients and do a 24 hour patch test. For more sensitive skin types, we recommend using our patent pending CBD Tanning Water which is designed for more sensitive skin types- naturally scented with calming Lavender oil which is antioxidant rich to balance ur skin’s moisture barrier and calm any redness with it’s anti inflammatory properties. The CBD in this formula is known for it’s antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties to calm the overproduction of sebum- perfect used over an anti-acne moisturiser.

Can I use utan products with sunblock?

Our products do not provide SPF protection. All of our products can be applied before sun, during or after protection. Try our Vacay Gummies and Tan Gummies if you want a tan with minimal time in the sun.

Are utan products suitable for all skin types?

Our products are lightweight, balancing, hydrating and have anti-inflammatory skin benefits. Perfect for dry, combination, oily and even sensitive skin types!

Does utan turbo mousse have a guide colour?

Yes, there is a guide colour that looks great by itself- It makes application easy for a flawless tan when you rinse it off.

Will utan products transfer onto my clothes? Bedding?

Our unique formulas are made to have minimal to no transfer. They are non sticky and streak free! ur sheets are safe! For our Skin Idol product, we’ve added an anti-transfer agent so that this ‘sets’ down after a few minutes. If u want extra protection u can mist on a setting spray (Like Urban Decay all nighter) for extra transfer protection.

Do u have to shower utan off after a few hours or can u sleep in it?

A: You can sleep in all our self-tan products so u can wake up in the morning with u tan ready to go! We do not recommend u sleep in our Skin Idol product which is a form of body makeup but rather wash off as u would ur makeup .

Will utan products suit my skintone?
All our products are highly pigmented yet buildable, for a tan colour which works on a wide range of skin tones to bronze, highlight and perfect. The Turbo mousse is suitable from the palest to darkest skin tones, rinsed off for time controlled results. Skin Idol looks beautiful on all skin tones to brighten, smooth and highlight ur complexion. The Tanning Waters are more suitable for pale to medium skin tones looking for a buildable gradual tan. The Tan Gummies are suitable for most skin tones with varying results from person to person. Super-strength Vaycay Gummies are suitable for all skin types when ur skin is exposed to sun or uv for tan accelerating benefits. If using the Tanning Gummies with exposure please use a suitable SPF.

Can I swim in a chlorinated pool with utan products?

Chorine strips the skin including self-tan which only develops on the top layers of ur skin, so if u’re going on holiday we recommend using a self-tanner like the turbo mousse and topping it up with a gradual tan- Using Skin Idol at night or straight after the pool will leave u glistening in no time.

What’s the deal with shaving or waxing before or after?

Shaving a few hours before applying self tan is fine, it also helps exfoliate for an even application. Waxing should be done at least 24 hours before to avoid irration and brown dots where your pores are still open and absorb the tan

How can I make my tan last longer?

It is recommended to exfoliate and moisturise the skin before applying the Turbo Tan to clean dry skin. A long lasting tan starts with a good application and regular moisturising of the skin!! We recommend u avoid extra hot showers, chlorinated pools and chemical exfoliants. Moisturising regularly helps ur tan last longer and fade more evenly. Our Tanning Waters are perfect if you like keeping ur face out of the sun to match your body tan in summer months. Also perfect in winter for bronzing and warming the complexion, spray as light mist every couple of days or build up the sprays for a more intense colour. Can be used over, under or in conjunction with ur makeup and skincare routine. Our Skin Idol instant bronze lasts up to 24 hours! - Can even withstand a night out in Ibiza!

Do utan products cover or spider veins?

Self tan can make minor imperfections less visible, including spider veins and small scars.

If u’re are looking to perfect ur skin try Skin Idol. Skin Idol gives coverage which is amazing for thread veins and imperfections for photo-ready skin. It has 8 specialised HD pigments in the formula to reflect light for flawless luxe skin!

Tanning Gummies

How do ur tanning Gummies work?

We have two types of patent pending vegan tanning gummies that work in different ways. Dubbed ‘the legal answer to tanning injections’ our Tan Gummies bring out a light golden hue to the skin after 3-4 weeks of taking 3 gummies per day*. They contain a mix of 5 different carotenoids which range from yellow to orange through to red which are blended to specific levels for the most perfect golden glow to the skin. Patent pending technology means the Gummies are absorbed through the cheek walls. More powerful than anything available before, is one of the reasons why the Tan Gummies went viral around the world and frequently sell-out.  

Our new Vaycay Gummies are super-strength and taken for only a few days before any sun or UV exposure. Vaycay Gummies act like edible solutions to tan accelerating tablets with a high dosage of l-tyrosine- the building blocks for melanin- absorbed via the cheek walls.

For best results u can use both Tan Gummies and Vaycay Gummies together when u have a planned holiday or sun exposure.

*Results vary from person to person. Thousands of customers continue to get amazing results with one of a kind Tanning Gummies!

I love them, they taste great and they seem to definitely be making me more naturally bronzed and any (little time thanks to the British weather) that I have spent in the sun my skin has literally soaked it up unlike never before.'  Laura hastings

One of the annoying things about my condition (PKU) is that I am extremely sun sensitive and naturally very fair and pale. so your products I literally a lifesaver for me! . in fact , right now, I'm in the process of making a big order for myself and a couple of family friends - on the superdrug website - ( they are amazed by the results i get).

L Southgate

Are the Tanning Gummies safe to take?

Tan Gummies and Vaycay Gummies are completely safe to take as a food supplement. They contain plant-based ingredients and vitamins and are free of any animal-derived ingredients. There is a danger associated with taking too much animal-derived vitamin A which is why we only use natural beta-carotene- never synthetic! The Vitamin A in the Tan Gummies is a by-product of the natural and non-synthetic ‘Beta-carotene’. Your body will only convert and use what it needs and flush the rest out!

Are there any side effects?

No, Tan Gummies are a food supplement containing only vitamins and plant extracts. Completely GMO, gluten free and vegan-friendly.

Can I get Tan Gummies from another brand?

No, all of our Tanning Gummies are patent pending and this innovation can only be purchased from our authorised sellers (Find us in most Superdrug stores with more major retailers being announced soon). Please do not purchase Tan Gummies from eBay or any unauthorised sellers. If in doubt please email us

Can I take Tan Gummies if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

We do not recommend to take any vitamin or food supplement when pregnant or breastfeeding without first consulting ur GP.

Can I take Tan Gummies if I am a heavy smoker?

There has been a lot of controversy around this subject for many years. A clinical trial suggested that synthetic beta-carotene is not safe for consumption in heavy smokers. Tan Gummies contain only natural beta-carotene and naturally derived carotenoids which are shown to have fantastic health benefits. For the safety of our customers, we recommend that heavy smokers first consult their GP before taking Tan Gummies.

Are Tan Gummies just Beta-Carotene supplements?

Tan Gummies contain 5 natural carotenoids: Beta-carotene, Lycopene, Asthaxanthin, Luetin, Zeanxhantin to ensure a natural colour can be achievable. They also contain Riboflavin for the maintenance of normal skin hailed as a ‘tan accelerating ingredient’, Selenium & Vitamin E to help protect the skin from oxaditive stress, Vitamin C, Copper citrate, Zinc citrate and L-tryosine.

Will Tan Gummies turn me orange?

It is important not to consume more than 3 gummies per day. Tan Gummies contain a mix of natural carotenoids to help promote a healthy golden hue to the skin. The colour is specially blended to have a natural warm yellow effect to the skin, so there is no worry of unnatural orange hues.

Will Tan Gummies make me tanned without the sun?

Tan Gummies may promote a healthy light golden hue to pale skins all year round with possible enhanced effects with any Sun or UV exposure. With any Sun or UV exposure, an SPF is essential as Tan Gummies are not an SPF.

What kind of colour can I expect from Tan Gummies without the sun?

A healthy light golden glow may develop if 3 Tan Gummies are taken for 3-4 weeks. Tan Gummies will not promote a dark tan without any sun or UV exposure. With any sun or UV exposure an SPF is totally essential to protect ur skin.

What kind of colour can I expect from Vaycay Gummies without the sun?

The Vaycay Gummies will not work without any sun or UV exposure. With any sun or UV exposure an SPF is totally essential to protect ur skin.

What is the difference between Tan Gummies and Vacay Gummies?

Tan Gummies are designed to give a light golden hue to the skin without any sun exposure with enhanced results when exposing the skin to the sun or UV light. Vaycay Gummies however only work when taken alongside exposing your skin to sun or uv, which is why we recommend to take 3 days before sun exposure. They are a lot stronger and give more results than when using tan Gummies alone.