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utan Bergamot Turbo Mousse


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One of the only 'oil-free' self-tan mousse formula's known for being ’non-sticky’ from application to rinse.

This superfast acting, vegan formula has a deep guide colour so you can apply without having to worry about streaks. With a unique pH balanced formula for ultimate comfort and zero 'tack'. A combination of tanning agents develop at different times, ensuring all skin tones can get an adaptable tan which develops into a 5-10 day long-lasting colour. The red-violet base avoids any green or ashy tones to mimic the colour u would naturally go in the sun. Darken as you desire through rinse controlled colour technology.

  • Easy application
  • Quick-dry velvet feel
  • Multi-layered scent for a fresh smell
  • Mimics the colour you would naturally go in the sun
  • Natural glow or a super dark tan – u decide
    Money Back Guarantee
    • How To Apply
    • Step 1: Pump a small amount of mousse onto the utan mitt Step 2: In front of a mirror, using circular motions, buff the mousse directly onto your body blending section by section to ensure even development Step 3: Use a hand cream (or similar low oil-cream) to buff self-tan into hands & feet. Step 4: Rinse off depending on desired depth of tan

      Rinse Guide: 1-2hrs for a golden glow 2-3hrs for a sun-kissed tan 4-6hrs for a golden bronze
8+hrs for a deep bronze Second coat can be applied 15 minutes after first application. Your tan will continue to deepen for 24hrs after rinsing. We recommend to rinse with warm water ensuring even coverage of water flow on the legs. Avoid allowing water to ‘trickle’ down your legs in the shower.

    Money Back Guarantee

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