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Your gummies are amazing I never catch a tan and as I am going on holidays in a week I’d thought i’d give them a go… the results are amazing.

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utan Turbo Mousse (Cherry Almond)


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Voted one of Independants best fake tans of 2019. 'Can I just say... this tan is the best. I've been using Bondi sands for like 3 years and this is the only one that's sooooo much better' Get a natural glow right up to a super dark tan with this superfast acting, vegan, alkaline mousse- You control the tan. Colour will continue to deepen for 24 hours after rinsing. You'll never want to smell another tan again!

A combination of organic tanning agents develop at different times, ensuring all skin tones can get a believable tan which mimics the colour you would naturally go in the sun. Darken as you desire through rinse controlled colour technology. This pH balanced mousse feels like velvet on the skin and dries super quick remaining non-sticky throughout wear.

Our pH balancing technology means your tan will develop faster and darker than ever before. The deep guide colour makes it easy to apply for a flawless streak-free result, every time.

One of the only self-tan mousses that is completely oil-free and hailed for being ’non-sticky’ from application to rinse. Suitable for all skin tones.

  • Natural glow or super dark tan – you decide
  • Fast drying and non-sticky
  • Streak-free
  • No orange, ashy or green tones
    Money Back Guarantee
    • How To Apply
    • Pump a small amount of mousse onto a mitt

      Using circular motions apply the mousse directly onto ur body blending section by section to ensure even development

      Use an oil-free cream to blend out any harsh lines on hands and feet
      Best applied to hands with a foundation brush mixed in with some oil-free moisturiser
      Rinse off to guide colour

      Rinse guide
      1hr for a golden glow
      2hrs for a sun kissed tan
      3-4hrs golden tan

      6-8hrs for a deep tan
      16hrs max for ultra-dark
      Second coat can be applied 15 minutes after first application
      ur tan will continue to deepen for 24 hours after rinsing

    Money Back Guarantee