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utan Bergamot Turbo Mousse


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The first gender-neutral tanning range with a fresh Bergamont and Calendula fresh scent designed for anyone looking for a light glow up to an ultra-dark tan. This superfast acting, vegan formula has a deep guide colour so u can apply without having to worry about streaks. This unique pH balanced mousse feels like velvet on the skin and dries super-quick for ultimate comfort and zero 'tack'. A combination of organic tanning agents develop at different times, ensuring all skin tones can get an adaptable tan which develops into a 5-10 day long-lasting colour. The red-violet base avoids any green or ashy tones to mimic the colour u would naturally go in the sun. Darken as u desire through rinse controlled colour technology.

One of the only self-tan mousses' that is completely oil-free and hailed for being ’non-sticky’ from application to rinse. Suitable for all skin tones. Same great formula, new scent.

  • Easy application
  • Quick-dry velvet feel
  • Multi-layered scent for a fresh smell
  • Mimics the colour you would naturally go in the sun
  • Natural glow or a super dark tan – u decide
    Money Back Guarantee
    • How To Apply
    • Pump a small amount of mousse onto a mitt

      Using circular motions apply the mousse directly onto ur body blending section by section to ensure even development

      Use an oil-free cream to blend out any harsh lines on hands and feet
      Best applied to hands with a foundation brush mixed in with some oil-free moisturiser
      Rinse off to guide colour

      Rinse guide
      1hr for a golden glow
      2hrs for a sun-kissed tan
      3-4hrs golden tan

      6-8hrs for a deep tan
      16hrs max for ultra-dark
      Second coat can be applied 15 minutes after first application
      ur tan will continue to deepen for 24 hours after rinsing

    Money Back Guarantee

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